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Alex Dudin


ALEXANDER N. DUDIN has got Master degree in Applied Mathematics in 1976 from Belarusian State University, PhD degree in 1982 from Vilnius University (now Lithuania) and Doctor of Science degree in 1992 from Tomsk University (now Russia). He had scientific visits to BEZ-Systems (USA), 1993, Free University of Amsterdam, 1995, Science University of Tokyo, 1997, Korean... Read Full Biography

Valentina Klimenok


VALENTINA I. KLIMENOK has got PhD degree in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in 1992 and Doctor of Science degree in 2002 from Belarusian State University. Currently she is the Chief Scientific Researcher of the Laboratory of Applied Probabilistic Analysis in Belarusian State University, Professor of the Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Department. She participated in scientific projects funded by the INTAS... Read Full Biography

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  Laboratory was created in Belarusian State University in 1971 as industry research laboratory of communication systems with program control. It was joint laboratory of Ministry of Education of Belarus and Ministry of Telecommunication Equipment of USSR.
   The main subject of research implemented for the main customer - "Red Sunset" corporation, Leningrad (currently Saint-Petersburg) - was investigation of perspective communication systems including Integral Service Digital Networks (ISDN). Research in the field of narrow- and wideband networks with tree-like and cellular topology was conducted for for Institute of Communication Systems and Control, Moscow. Several projects were devoted to investigation of special communication networks for different customers in Russia.
   In 1981, the laboratory was associated with Department of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and the chair of this Department Professor G. A. Medvedev became the head of laboratory. Since 1983, A. N. Dudin is the head of the laboratory. Number of laboratory members was about 30 in 1980th.
   At the end of 1980th, as the consequence of the approaching crash of the Soviet Union and collapse of economic and scientific system and cooperation, laboratory lost status of the industry research laboratory. Since September, 1991 it operates as the Scientific Research Laboratory of Applied Probabilistic Analysis of Belarusian State University. In 2003-2004 laboratory had also temporary status of Overseas Laboratory of Korean Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF). In 2005-2006 laboratory had also temporary status of Overseas Laboratory of Korean Researsh Foundation (KRF).
   Since 1983, the mainstream of research implemented in the laboratory is development of methods of queueing theory and their application to investigation of telecommunication systems.
   Besides applications in "Red Sunset" corporation, Institute of Communication Systems and Control, and some other Russian customers, applications in "Kvant" corporation, Minsk (performance evaluation and capacity planning of transport station for 10 Mb Local Area Network), "Mebius" corporation, Minsk (design of the network for payment via plastic cards), BEZ-Systems, Inc, Chicago (solving the problems of locking and indexing in relational data bases) can be mentioned.
   Since the middle of 1990th, the number of members of laboratory redeuced essentially because the former customers located in Russia stopped funding of the laboratory and providing problems related to perspective communication networks, not to share technological secrets with foreign country (Belarus is now independent country). Since that time the work of laboratory became more theoretical.Funding of laboratory became ad hoc depending on winning research grants of Minsitry of Education and Informatization Foundation of Belarus. Since 1996, members of laboratory started submission of results of research to Journals published outside of the former Soviet Union.
   In 1997-2000, laboratory took part as the team in the INTAS project "Advances in Retrial Queueing Theory" implemented by 7 teams from 6 countries under leadership by J.Artalejo (Complutense University of Madrid). In 2000-2003, laboratory took part in the project “Stochastic Analysis of Wireless Telecommunication Networks” (joint with Trier University, Germany and Institute of Cybernetics, Ukraine) funded by Ministry of Science of Germany. In 2005-2006,laboratory took part in the project related to information search in Internet (joint with INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis and Saint-Petersburg University, Russia) funded by Ministry of Science of France in borders of Eco-Net programme. In 2005-2007 INTAS project of post-doctoral research by Olga Semenova (scientific supervisors A. Dudin and L. Breuer, University of Kent, UK) was implemented. In 2003-2007 several research projects funded by of Korean Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF), Korean Researsh Foundation (KRF), Ministry of Information and Communication of Republic of Korea were conducted.
   In laboratory, three doctoral dissertations were prepared (Dudin A.N., 1992; Khomichkov I.I., 1997; Klimenok V.I., 2002). PhD dissertations were prepared by the following researchers: Khomichkov I.I.,Klimenok V.I., Shetikov G.I., Pytljak V.V., Babitsky V.A., Sapozhkov A.I., Konovalov E.V., Leonov N.N., Rozov M.M., Kalmychkov A.I., Serdyukov E.V., Khalad Ikhsan ibn Mohamed, Markov A.V., Babitsky A.V., Tsarenkov G.V., Semenova O.V., Mushko V.V., Dudin S.A., Sun Bin, Dudina O., Kazimirsky A.

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